The Quest For Perfection

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I stopped writing this blog for a few days for fear that it would not turn out, well….perfect. Whenever I thought about sitting down to write this blog, I basically talked myself out of it saying that I’m too tired to write anything blog worthy. But, I was wrong. Part of writing a blog is consistency. When I watch my favorite Vloggers, I realized that the one thing that I really like about them is their ability to consistently post a vlog. Even if it’s not every day, but every day it’s still something I can count on. They keep me engaged with their content by posting them as frequently as they do.

I sometimes marvel at their ability to stick with it and persevere through their life’s ups and downs. Angela Duckworth, calls it “Grit” and not many people have it. I am guilty of being one of those people from time to time.

I find that practicing meditating and yoga really helps me to get out of my head and “Just Do It.” Many times when I am in my head, I am making excuses about why I can’t post or lying to myself and saying that in a few days, I will have time to sit down and really write a nice blog post. When the reality is, there never really is a perfect time, especially if you are a person with lots of responsibilities, like me. Getting past the idea in your head that you have to have the perfect time or write the perfect blog can be easy as reciting the numbers 5-4-3-2-1 and just making yourself do it


Baby Steps

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Recently, I’ve been reminded of the phrase, “Baby Steps.” This was a phrase that my teacher in peer counseling class in High School said to me one day when we were discussing the direction of my life and my home life. I’m not sure what exactly I divulged to her during that conversation, but I know it dealt with some sort of frustration of not being able to get through to my parents on a level that they would understand.

When she uttered this phrase, she had picked up on a habit that I have been dealing with for the last 3 decades and that is the habit of “Big” thinking. You see, when some people are taking one or two steps toward the directions of their goals, I am already trying to get to step 100 to try and win the race quickly. My mind can see the final outcome of the things or dreams that I want and well like Veruca Salt, “I want it now!”

What perpetuates this mindset is the Law of Attraction. If you watch the movie, “The Secret” it seems as if you can get what you want just by thinking about it. You just think about it and it will appear. Intellectually I have of course told myself that you need to work towards your goals and dreams, hold the thought in your mind and eventually it will appear. However, because of these ingrained habits that I have developed since I was a child, I wanted them to happen immediately.

In reality, you can almost always get the things you want, but you have to remember to take small baby steps towards those things. They don’t just happen instantly and creating shortcuts to get what you want, most of the time does not work.

For example, if your idea is to start a company or build a website, start small. Jot down some ideas for the company, research best website builder sites. Don’t set out in one sitting to build the website. Approaching tasks like this will only leave you frustrated and overwhelmed. Instead, start with the first step and celebrate all of the little accomplishments along the way.

Remember, it’s the journey that makes like great, not the destination.







Replaced by AI

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This morning I had an epiphany. You know when something is staring at you right in the face, but you sort of refuse to look at it for what it is? Because of old conditioning, we may not realize that our jobs may become obsolete in a few years.

I realized this morning that my job is one of them! I have seen the signs for the last few years, but just ignored them and didn’t pay them much attention. My job as a home health nurse is being replaced by Telehealth aka Artifical Intelligence.

For years now, I have assisted with setting up these monitors in the home for patients that record their vitals, weight and ask them a few key questions about their overall general health for that day. If there is any deviation, a nurse sitting in a central location in an office or hospital will call the patient and assess whether or not the patient should be seen by an MD or go to the hospital. This is a big part of my job as a home health nurse! This is the reason why I am seeing a dwindling caseload.

To make matters worse for the home health nurse, CMS is proposing a bill that would allow these telemonitors to be covered by Medicare Advantage plans. To even further hammer home the point, one of the owners that were interviewed regarding this bill was my former boss!

If that is not a sign to keep heading in the direction of writer and creator, I’m not sure what is. I also read a few articles regarding which jobs are safe and which are not and creative jobs were deemed safe! This is just another sign from the Universe that I am on the right track!

I hope this article prompts you to take a closer look at your own career and job and make the necessary changes if need be, to ensure future earning potential!

Love always,



Time Out

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Chances are you don’t have a whole lot of time in your day to actually do what you were put on this earth to do. I know I have been struggling with finding time to create since I started this journey about a month ago to transform my own life.

Finding the time in the day to create or to answer your soul’s highest calling is, well…hard. Especially if you have multiple obligations such as a full-time job, a family, etc. But you must do it! For everyone involved, your family, your co-workers and of course you.

Finding the time in your day to create and just spend it the way you want is important. Even though it’s hard, you must make this a priority in your life. Personally, when I make my writing a priority, I have found that I am much better at giving to other people when they need my help and am much more loving and compassionate.

When you are always giving yourself away to other people and other obligations that you have in your life and forget to acknowledge your own true calling, you feel exasperated and exhausted.

Giving yourself the freedom to take at least one hour out of your schedule every day to do what you want will pay you back multiple times in fulfillment for yourself and will bring more peace to your relationships as well.

Disregard the opinions of others who may tell you that you are selfish for thinking of yourself. If you have children, you owe it to them to follow your passion and your calling. You can tell them to follow their dreams and passions, but if you are not living by the same creed, your children will notice. You may become bitter and angry after working a long hard day because deep inside your soul knows that you are not following your calling. Your children will see that and may then follow in your footsteps.

Being an RN and seeing so many people at the end of their lives, the saddest situations that I have witnessed are the ones where people have deep regrets for not following their dreams.

Here’s to Living Your






Being in Service

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There is a whole lot to be said about Service. When I say service, I mean serving other people.

This morning, I woke up to a chain of events that were beyond my control and that really really upset me. It was so hard to get out and see patients today, especially given the fact that I almost had to cancel them because of these chain of events. However, I did.

I completely forgot how helping other people take me directly out of ego mind and grounds me to exactly where I need to be at the moment. It is such an amazing feeling to help people and focus on people’s health and healing and trying to help them get better. I forgot what an instant mood lifter this job is.

Today, I remembered those tough times when I was going through a painful divorce and how every patient I saw helped take me out of my little story, out of head instantly.

I truly believe that we were put on this earth to be of service to one another. This is one of the highest level of functioning a human being can achieve.  I hate to sound corny, but it we are all connected and feel more connected when we are helping each other.

We really need each other and even though I didn’t feel like seeing patient’s today, I needed them more than they needed me.

Love Always,




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So I’m doing Keto….again. The first time I tried Keto, I lost 12 pounds in 3 months. After 3 months I started feeling tired and exhausted, I saw the doctor and found out that I was severely dehydrated. Was it my fault that I did not drink enough water, maybe. This is why I am trying it again. Also, I still have this goal in my head to lose another 12 to 15 pounds, as this would be an ideal weight for me and this promote living my best life!

To be honest, I love how the Keto diet makes me mentally sharper. I have been on a low carb diet for half of my life because I am gluten intolerant. However, when I was in ketosis, I felt….GREAT. Maybe I restricted my calories too much, maybe I did not increase my fats to give me the optimum amount of energy. I’m not sure but one thing that I do know for sure is that I miss the mental sharpness of the diet. It also puts me in such a meditative state for much of the day. I miss that, I miss the calmness that it gave me.

So, I’m going to do it again. I encourage everyone to try it at least once. It’s great for inflammation, stomach issues and brain functioning. But, I will caution against dirty keto. If you follow Dr. Berg’s blogs which I did, he encourages 7 cups of vegetables every day with the diet.

Anyway, I wish ya’ll luck if you do try it. Wish me luck too 🙂




Good Vibrations

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You’ve heard it before I’m sure. It’s on shirts, memes, quotes. It’s called “positive vibes.” I even have a tank top that I love that states, “Positive Vibes, Positive Mind.” But a lot of people fail to realize that this is not just a saying or a trendy quote. Scientific studies abound that back up the factual premises of this quote.

You see, the world and universe as we know it are all continually expanding along frequencies and vibrations. Science has even proved that even the lowest frequency, “Dark Matter” can be detected and is sort of like the scaffolding that holds the Universe together.

The implications that these studies hold for me and you are endless. This means that we are limitless in the ability to think and create the world that we wish for ourselves!

There is one catch, however, and that is matching up to the positive vibrations and steering clear of the negative vibrations. You see, the more you stay in alignment with the positive frequency and positive vibrations that are around us, the more you will attract what you want out of your life.

Also, reader beware this is not as easy as it sounds. We all too often get caught up with negative situations, negative tv or movies, negative people and it these times we become unaware that we are caught up in this frequency.

In my humble opinion, there are two ways to stay in a positive vibrational frequency. The first is to meditate every day so that you have a greater awareness of when you get hooked. The second is to be aware of the emotions that you are feeling. How do you feel at this moment? Sad? You probably are on a low vibrational frequency. Happy? Congratulations, you are on a high vibrational frequency. The old adage, “Fake it till you make it,” may be appropriate right now. The reason why is because your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is perceived. It is through your subconscious mind that you create shifts and change in your life.

So want to experience real change, start taking notice of your emotions and situations or people that arise in your life and start choosing the positive vibrations and situations that will keep you in this higher frequency. Also, practice visualization with the emotional feelings that you would feel once you attain your goals. You will be surprised at what you will start to attract.

Good Luck,


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Learning to Let Go

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The moment you decide to let go and let circumstances be as it is, is the moment you find peace. I call it surrender.  There is peacefulness that bathes you when you decide to let go and let things be. At first, it feels strange, even scary, but letting go of a situation that is beyond your control can feel very empowering.

Take my teenage daughters for example, I guide them and make sure that they are protected, but in all actuality, they are not my possessions. I do not own them. As long as I do my job in making sure they are protected, I need to let them go. Controlling their whereabouts and dictating how their days should go, takes a lot of mental energy that is well, suffering.

Suffering can lead to stress mentally and physically. You impede source energy when you suffer. When you let go, you let the energy of life flow through you, therefore you are more healthy and able to function at your highest level of health.

Letting go does not mean that you stay in an abusive relationship, however. By no means do I intend to say that staying in an abusive relationship is ok and that you should surrender to that relationship and the circumstances that go along with it. Surrender basically means to recognize the things that you cannot change and just let it go. Let it be and be at peace.






Overcoming Dis-ease

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This is my first blog since I became sick with a virus that I shall name, “dis-ease.” I have named this virus for the physical and mental havoc that it wreaked on my body. The whole family got this virus and it shook me. It shook my faith, my motivation, my piece of mind and of course my strength.

A strange thing had happened before I got sick and that was an experience that I had with my one of my patients. He is a world-renowned psychic healer and yet he just could not seem to just have a positive strong mental attitude. This lost hospitalization really threw him for a loop. He told me that he felt as though he was getting worse since the first day he came home and also felt as though he was not getting better. He told me that he spent a lot of time, “worrying” about his wife’s health.

When he told me that, I immediately thought that his mind was responsible for how he was feeling. His mind was the one that was controlling his body and making him feel as though he was in a state of “dis-ease.”

Reflecting on this situation made me ponder my state of mind as I was recovering from my own virus. I mean, I felt a serious dis-ease. My body was weak, my lungs were congested and in my mind, I felt sad and not motivated. I felt as though I was going through my days with a small vale of brain fog. I kept telling myself that once I got better, I would go back to working out and writing, but here I am 8 days later and finally, I am back to a resemblance of my old self prior to the virus.

All of these years as a home care nurse giving out advice regarding how powerful your mind is when it comes to your health and I forgot how hard it is to stay focused on getting better and on healing your own body. It is HARD WORK.

What finally helped me turn the corner, I believe was a good probiotic. Science has proven that the gut is linked to the brain, so if your gut is not healthy then your brain will not be healthy, therefore, brain fog.

To help your body heal you need a strong mental foundation to focus on empowering thoughts and not sad, scattered, fear-based thoughts. This last week really made me appreciate the importance of diet, hydration and mental clarity to support my transformation into the life of my dreams.

I hope you can take some bit of information from my post and help you to understand how you can help heal your body as well.




The Waiting Game

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This afternoon I have come to the realization that I am in a waiting game. Literally, I feel as though I am in a doctor’s waiting room waiting to be called and Dennis and I have been there for hours with no one checking on us or even noticing us. What’s worse is that the more we obsess about waiting, the more we are being made to wait. It’s like Newton’s Third Law of Motion, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The more we wait, the more circumstances present themselves in our lives that have us waiting. When we notice it and think about and obsess about it, it just gets worse. It’s almost as if we were paralyzed by waiting. We can’t do a lot of other things, but to wait. We make the phone calls to follow up on the people that have us waiting. We check bank accounts for the checks to clear. There are so many ways to get our information that it’s so easy to obsess about waiting and really get stuck into this waiting pattern.

It’s almost as if the Universe is trying to teach us the beautiful lesson of patience. Trying to slow us down so we may live in the now and obsess about the future and how our ego is being bruised because some person is making us wait.

It is a great reminder to appreciate those things that are there and that you don’t have to wait for. For instance, our youngest daughter getting out of elementary school like clockwork or our google home mini who responds to our instant commands for answers to our questions.

Waiting also lets you practice the art of surrender. When you are so caught up in chasing what you want so much, the Universe keeps you in this state of chasing, until you can learn to surrender. Upon surrendering, you allow the abundance of the Universe to flow through you so that you may be a conduit to receive what you had been waiting for all along.

Here’s to a happy and peaceful surrender!