The Gold Feather


close up photo of feathers

Every now and then when I feel like the events and the people in my life are pulling me in too many directions, I experiment with the law of attraction. I have attracted many things in my life. It’s pretty amazing to manifest objects in your life. One such event happened to me a few years ago during the summer of 2017.

I was feeling a little lost and out of control in my life so I decided to experiment with the law of attraction again. This has always given me hope and faith for my future and the direction that my life is taking.

At this time of my life, I was feeling especially lost and losing faith in my ability to control the trajectory of my life. I decided to try to manifest something very difficult. I decided to manifest a gold feather. I closed my eyes and imagined a scenario where the gold feather would suddenly appear by my foot. I really imagined how it would feel and look like to find this feather by my feet. I felt the joy and disbelief that finding this feather would bestow upon my heart.

Then, I let it go and trusted that the universe would bring it to me in it’s own way.

Weeks had passed by and I had forgotten all about the feather. My family and I were at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. I remember it being a beautiful day and I was feeling particularly great that day. Then, as we were walking through the park, a whole flock of Macaws had flown overhead. We were essentially part of this bird show that the cast members were doing at the precise moment that we were walking down the path. It was an amazing sensation to have at least one hundred macaws fly so close over my head.

After the shock of experiences the macaws overhead, I looked down and found one gold feather by my foot. I can’t explain to you the feelings I felt. It was like my hair was standing on end. It was like I was witnessing and a part of the magic of the universe at the same time!

I’m not a physicist, a mathematician or an expert on the law of attraction. I am simply a believer who when she loses her faith, always has a way of proving to herself that the Universe she lives in is magic.


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