Veto the Keto

woman measuring her waist
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

On my second go-round with the Keto diet, I found peace and then an overwhelming urge to cheat. I mean really cheat. Like carbfest for days cheat. Why is it that when you restrict yourself so much, you miss things so much that you go overboard with it? However, when you allow yourself to choose, you choose what is best for you most of the time?

The other day, I came across the Cruise Control Diet on the Rachel Ray show and it made me really stop and say “huh, this is not such a bad idea.” The creator of the diet, Jorge Cruise spoke about fasting for 16 hours and cheating during the hours with bulletproof coffee and a chocolate mousse at night which contains no sugar to spike your insulin. Up until watching this show, I have never seen a diet guru speak about cheating during fasting and it being ok for the long term. I really liked this idea and took it to heart.

So this morning, I had my bulletproof coffee and didn’t eat until 11am. At 5pm I was in a wendy’s drive through and had a choice, should I keep up this 2nd day of cheating on Keto or should I be healthy and choose a salad. It was really up to me and I chose wisely, I chose and really enjoyed the salad. I didn’t feel deprived and most of all I felt like it was an act of self love to feed my body something healthy. I will stop the keto diet as I don’t think that all of that restriction is good for anybody or sustainable in the long run.

Choosing what is healthy and respecting your body in a way that you are not depriving it, yet making good healthful choices for your body is the only way to go. Plus, who really wants to workout on Keto? This diet makes you feel peaceful, and well tired. Not me, I will choose the way that I have always eaten by being good to my body.  I’ve suffered enough with Keto.



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