Loss of Control

woman standing on road
Photo by Pedro Sandrini on Pexels.com

Have you ever had recurring events in your life that trigger a loss of control? Maybe it’s a night out and you break your diet and your resolve to no longer drink again? Maybe it’s an argument that you had with a loved one and you had absolutely no control over the outcome?

For me today it was waiting on phone calls with answers from different companies. These phone calls never came. One of them had promised to get back with me by end of day today and IT NEVER HAPPENED. It was totally beyond my control. I really really wanted to go into the weekend with a resolution that I had been waiting for so that I can enjoy it and not think about it. But that never happened. After the deadline hit, I felt defeated in a way. I took the feeling of loss of control from the phone calls and attributed it to other areas in my life. I felt a loss of control from my diet and I overate like crazy. I felt a loss of control with my writing and almost didn’t write. I felt a loss of control with my daughters and didn’t push them like I needed to keep their rooms clean. Like I said, I felt defeated and out of control.

That’s when I realized one major important thing about life that I fail to remember most times when I am feeling this way. What I remembered this time was that peace and happiness come from within and putting too much weight on an outward circumstance will disrupt my peace and happiness.

I have this canvas saying in the hallway of my daughters’ rooms and it says, “Only You Can Make You Happy.” This is true for me today on so many levels.

You see, we spend so much of our lives chasing and trying to get to a certain destination that we forget those things and circumstances can’t bring us peace and happiness. These states of being have to come from an inner knowing that this is what our true nature is. When we recognize that and align with that inner knowing, we will begin to realize how futile chasing phone calls, people and material things really are.

There is no chasing, we already are everything we are seeking.



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