Replaced by AI

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

This morning I had an epiphany. You know when something is staring at you right in the face, but you sort of refuse to look at it for what it is? Because of old conditioning, we may not realize that our jobs may become obsolete in a few years.

I realized this morning that my job is one of them! I have seen the signs for the last few years, but just ignored them and didn’t pay them much attention. My job as a home health nurse is being replaced by Telehealth aka Artifical Intelligence.

For years now, I have assisted with setting up these monitors in the home for patients that record their vitals, weight and ask them a few key questions about their overall general health for that day. If there is any deviation, a nurse sitting in a central location in an office or hospital will call the patient and assess whether or not the patient should be seen by an MD or go to the hospital. This is a big part of my job as a home health nurse! This is the reason why I am seeing a dwindling caseload.

To make matters worse for the home health nurse, CMS is proposing a bill that would allow these telemonitors to be covered by Medicare Advantage plans. To even further hammer home the point, one of the owners that were interviewed regarding this bill was my former boss!

If that is not a sign to keep heading in the direction of writer and creator, I’m not sure what is. I also read a few articles regarding which jobs are safe and which are not and creative jobs were deemed safe! This is just another sign from the Universe that I am on the right track!

I hope this article prompts you to take a closer look at your own career and job and make the necessary changes if need be, to ensure future earning potential!

Love always,


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