Good Vibrations

purple and brown colored planet

You’ve heard it before I’m sure. It’s on shirts, memes, quotes. It’s called “positive vibes.” I even have a tank top that I love that states, “Positive Vibes, Positive Mind.” But a lot of people fail to realize that this is not just a saying or a trendy quote. Scientific studies abound that back up the factual premises of this quote.

You see, the world and universe as we know it are all continually expanding along frequencies and vibrations. Science has even proved that even the lowest frequency, “Dark Matter” can be detected and is sort of like the scaffolding that holds the Universe together.

The implications that these studies hold for me and you are endless. This means that we are limitless in the ability to think and create the world that we wish for ourselves!

There is one catch, however, and that is matching up to the positive vibrations and steering clear of the negative vibrations. You see, the more you stay in alignment with the positive frequency and positive vibrations that are around us, the more you will attract what you want out of your life.

Also, reader beware this is not as easy as it sounds. We all too often get caught up with negative situations, negative tv or movies, negative people and it these times we become unaware that we are caught up in this frequency.

In my humble opinion, there are two ways to stay in a positive vibrational frequency. The first is to meditate every day so that you have a greater awareness of when you get hooked. The second is to be aware of the emotions that you are feeling. How do you feel at this moment? Sad? You probably are on a low vibrational frequency. Happy? Congratulations, you are on a high vibrational frequency. The old adage, “Fake it till you make it,” may be appropriate right now. The reason why is because your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is perceived. It is through your subconscious mind that you create shifts and change in your life.

So want to experience real change, start taking notice of your emotions and situations or people that arise in your life and start choosing the positive vibrations and situations that will keep you in this higher frequency. Also, practice visualization with the emotional feelings that you would feel once you attain your goals. You will be surprised at what you will start to attract.

Good Luck,


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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