Overcoming Dis-ease

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This is my first blog since I became sick with a virus that I shall name, “dis-ease.” I have named this virus for the physical and mental havoc that it wreaked on my body. The whole family got this virus and it shook me. It shook my faith, my motivation, my piece of mind and of course my strength.

A strange thing had happened before I got sick and that was an experience that I had with my one of my patients. He is a world-renowned psychic healer and yet he just could not seem to just have a positive strong mental attitude. This lost hospitalization really threw him for a loop. He told me that he felt as though he was getting worse since the first day he came home and also felt as though he was not getting better. He told me that he spent a lot of time, “worrying” about his wife’s health.

When he told me that, I immediately thought that his mind was responsible for how he was feeling. His mind was the one that was controlling his body and making him feel as though he was in a state of “dis-ease.”

Reflecting on this situation made me ponder my state of mind as I was recovering from my own virus. I mean, I felt a serious dis-ease. My body was weak, my lungs were congested and in my mind, I felt sad and not motivated. I felt as though I was going through my days with a small vale of brain fog. I kept telling myself that once I got better, I would go back to working out and writing, but here I am 8 days later and finally, I am back to a resemblance of my old self prior to the virus.

All of these years as a home care nurse giving out advice regarding how powerful your mind is when it comes to your health and I forgot how hard it is to stay focused on getting better and on healing your own body. It is HARD WORK.

What finally helped me turn the corner, I believe was a good probiotic. Science has proven that the gut is linked to the brain, so if your gut is not healthy then your brain will not be healthy, therefore, brain fog.

To help your body heal you need a strong mental foundation to focus on empowering thoughts and not sad, scattered, fear-based thoughts. This last week really made me appreciate the importance of diet, hydration and mental clarity to support my transformation into the life of my dreams.

I hope you can take some bit of information from my post and help you to understand how you can help heal your body as well.



2 thoughts on “Overcoming Dis-ease

  1. Dear Maria
    I am a SIBYL EMPATH and I know exactly why you and all others of a Loving Empathic Nature bewilderingly feel Energy dis-eased.
    It’s to do with dark-energy having reach it’s Time-warped goal.
    I too feel rather poorly and I don’t have a negative disposition either, so it does feel a little unfair at the moment. It helps one cope if you understand why, and I do.
    Lots of Love
    Sibyl X


  2. PS If you do venture a look at my blog it would be worth scrolling down to A Modern-Day Sibyl on Life-Sciences Revelations. I needed to post the heavy stuff first before being free to post little verses in rhyme for memory retention’s help, including my own.


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