Learning to Let Go

umbrellas art flying
Photo by Adrianna Calvo on Pexels.com

The moment you decide to let go and let circumstances be as it is, is the moment you find peace. I call it surrender.  There is peacefulness that bathes you when you decide to let go and let things be. At first, it feels strange, even scary, but letting go of a situation that is beyond your control can feel very empowering.

Take my teenage daughters for example, I guide them and make sure that they are protected, but in all actuality, they are not my possessions. I do not own them. As long as I do my job in making sure they are protected, I need to let them go. Controlling their whereabouts and dictating how their days should go, takes a lot of mental energy that is well, suffering.

Suffering can lead to stress mentally and physically. You impede source energy when you suffer. When you let go, you let the energy of life flow through you, therefore you are more healthy and able to function at your highest level of health.

Letting go does not mean that you stay in an abusive relationship, however. By no means do I intend to say that staying in an abusive relationship is ok and that you should surrender to that relationship and the circumstances that go along with it. Surrender basically means to recognize the things that you cannot change and just let it go. Let it be and be at peace.





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