The Waiting Game

two men sitting in front of each other on white gang chairs in airport waiting area
Photo by Daniela Maria on Pexels.com

This afternoon I have come to the realization that I am in a waiting game. Literally, I feel as though I am in a doctor’s waiting room waiting to be called and Dennis and I have been there for hours with no one checking on us or even noticing us. What’s worse is that the more we obsess about waiting, the more we are being made to wait. It’s like Newton’s Third Law of Motion, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The more we wait, the more circumstances present themselves in our lives that have us waiting. When we notice it and think about and obsess about it, it just gets worse. It’s almost as if we were paralyzed by waiting. We can’t do a lot of other things, but to wait. We make the phone calls to follow up on the people that have us waiting. We check bank accounts for the checks to clear. There are so many ways to get our information that it’s so easy to obsess about waiting and really get stuck into this waiting pattern.

It’s almost as if the Universe is trying to teach us the beautiful lesson of patience. Trying to slow us down so we may live in the now and obsess about the future and how our ego is being bruised because some person is making us wait.

It is a great reminder to appreciate those things that are there and that you don’t have to wait for. For instance, our youngest daughter getting out of elementary school like clockwork or our google home mini who responds to our instant commands for answers to our questions.

Waiting also lets you practice the art of surrender. When you are so caught up in chasing what you want so much, the Universe keeps you in this state of chasing, until you can learn to surrender. Upon surrendering, you allow the abundance of the Universe to flow through you so that you may be a conduit to receive what you had been waiting for all along.

Here’s to a happy and peaceful surrender!



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