January 30, 2019

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This is the first in a series of blogs that I intend to write throughout the years. You see, ever since I can remember I have had a deep burning desire to tell my story. Throughout my entire grade school and college life, I have been given little hints that have encouraged me to become a writer. I can remember back to middle school and whenever there was a writing project assigned, I would get excited while the majority of the class groaned. When I did write, my teachers would offer me very high praise, even asking to read my writing to other classes, they were so moved. I’ll never forget, for my very last writing assignment in nursing school, I receive an A and a quote from the teacher, “You should publish this!”

Had I chosen the wrong major? Was all of this work of nursing school for nothing? There are many that have said there are no accidents in the Universe. The more years I live on this planet, the more I agree with what they are saying. There are no accidents in the universe, just simply beautiful synchronicity.

Shifting my career from Nursing to Writing has been a long time coming. I’ve always believed in my heart of hearts that I was a writer but longed for the security that a nurse’s paycheck would bring. Not to say that I did not want to help people, I did. I felt a career in nursing would be fulfilling, however, it is now after 20 years of nursing that I realize I am now an AUTHOR. Writing is my passion. Writing is a way of getting my word out into the world. Writing is a way that I can connect to the Universe and all human beings who are able to receive my message. Nursing has its rewards, this is true. But, there is a longing inside of me to help far many more people then just the few I serve every day.

This calling can no longer be ignored. It started out as whispers during my school years, it turned into conversations during my career, and now is calling me towards its path with such a loud scream, I can no longer deny that I am an AUTHOR.

Welcome to my blog and thank you for reading.




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