The Gold Feather


close up photo of feathers

Every now and then when I feel like the events and the people in my life are pulling me in too many directions, I experiment with the law of attraction. I have attracted many things in my life. It’s pretty amazing to manifest objects in your life. One such event happened to me a few years ago during the summer of 2017.

I was feeling a little lost and out of control in my life so I decided to experiment with the law of attraction again. This has always given me hope and faith for my future and the direction that my life is taking.

At this time of my life, I was feeling especially lost and losing faith in my ability to control the trajectory of my life. I decided to try to manifest something very difficult. I decided to manifest a gold feather. I closed my eyes and imagined a scenario where the gold feather would suddenly appear by my foot. I really imagined how it would feel and look like to find this feather by my feet. I felt the joy and disbelief that finding this feather would bestow upon my heart.

Then, I let it go and trusted that the universe would bring it to me in it’s own way.

Weeks had passed by and I had forgotten all about the feather. My family and I were at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. I remember it being a beautiful day and I was feeling particularly great that day. Then, as we were walking through the park, a whole flock of Macaws had flown overhead. We were essentially part of this bird show that the cast members were doing at the precise moment that we were walking down the path. It was an amazing sensation to have at least one hundred macaws fly so close over my head.

After the shock of experiences the macaws overhead, I looked down and found one gold feather by my foot. I can’t explain to you the feelings I felt. It was like my hair was standing on end. It was like I was witnessing and a part of the magic of the universe at the same time!

I’m not a physicist, a mathematician or an expert on the law of attraction. I am simply a believer who when she loses her faith, always has a way of proving to herself that the Universe she lives in is magic.



Paying The Bills

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How many times have you read an article, listened to a self-help guru on YouTube or read a book about being the best version of yourself that you can be and question yourself on how you could possibly do what is recommended and still pay the bills?

For me, it’s been countless times. These author’s theories are great “in theory” but what many fail to recognize is the fact that many of us do still have to pay the bills. Many authors glorify “quitting your job” but to be honest, it may sound amazing and YOLO, but some of us aren’t cut out to deal with the intense pressure of not knowing when you will receive your next paycheck. I mean how can you calmly create a work of art, a piece of writing or any other means of creation while you are worried about if you will have a roof over your head next month?

Many of us don’t have this luxury. To be quite honest, I have spent the last 15 years of my life as a per-diem registered nurse and serial entrepreneur. I had a successful company for a few years and an amazing opportunity to take over my father’s business, but it just didn’t work out for me in the end.

Now, I find myself with a lot less anxiety after going back to work 9 to 5 and wanting to create. I want to write and start a company so bad I can taste it, but how with a full-time job? The only way I can see doing this is by putting in the time after hours and on weekends. Of course, the ironic part of all of this is that now, when I don’t have the time to do it, I want to create. However, when I was per-diem and only working about 20 hours a week, my fear of not being able to meet the bills paralyzed me from being able to create anything in the first place.

Anyway, I’m happy to be back and more determined than ever to make this work!


Veto the Keto

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On my second go-round with the Keto diet, I found peace and then an overwhelming urge to cheat. I mean really cheat. Like carbfest for days cheat. Why is it that when you restrict yourself so much, you miss things so much that you go overboard with it? However, when you allow yourself to choose, you choose what is best for you most of the time?

The other day, I came across the Cruise Control Diet on the Rachel Ray show and it made me really stop and say “huh, this is not such a bad idea.” The creator of the diet, Jorge Cruise spoke about fasting for 16 hours and cheating during the hours with bulletproof coffee and a chocolate mousse at night which contains no sugar to spike your insulin. Up until watching this show, I have never seen a diet guru speak about cheating during fasting and it being ok for the long term. I really liked this idea and took it to heart.

So this morning, I had my bulletproof coffee and didn’t eat until 11am. At 5pm I was in a wendy’s drive through and had a choice, should I keep up this 2nd day of cheating on Keto or should I be healthy and choose a salad. It was really up to me and I chose wisely, I chose and really enjoyed the salad. I didn’t feel deprived and most of all I felt like it was an act of self love to feed my body something healthy. I will stop the keto diet as I don’t think that all of that restriction is good for anybody or sustainable in the long run.

Choosing what is healthy and respecting your body in a way that you are not depriving it, yet making good healthful choices for your body is the only way to go. Plus, who really wants to workout on Keto? This diet makes you feel peaceful, and well tired. Not me, I will choose the way that I have always eaten by being good to my body.  I’ve suffered enough with Keto.




The Sinking Ship

ship sailing
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I am on a sinking ship.

Been taking on water for a while now.

Refused to see the flood.

Other nearby ships are sinking fast.

I can’t stop staring at them.

If I don’t focus on my own ship.

Our ship won’t last.

Finally seeing my ships problem.

I patch up the holes.

We stop taking on water.

The crew is saved.

Now we can save the others….







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Did you know that visualization works on a level that is actually backed by science? It’s not just some hocus pocus new age concept that was recently envisioned by a bunch of writers and visionaries.

You see, when you visualize, you are actually activating the reticular activating system in your brain. What does this mean? Well, simply put, when you visualize something in your mind and then go throughout your days, your brain will then be better able to point out the things that align with your vision.

Studies have shown that when you have a dream or a goal, you may miss several opportunities that are staring at you right in the face. However, when you visualize, your brain is more readily available to pick up on these opportunities.

Another great way to visualize is to, of course, create a vision board. When you are creating your vision board, it’s very important to feel good when doing it. Every year on January 1st, my kids and I create a vision board of how we want our year to go. Some of these vision boards have ended up on the wall in front of my treadmill. Every so often when I’m working out and looking at the vision board, I am amazed at how many things appear in my life that are exact replicas of what I have placed on my vision board. It’s truly amazing and inspiring to continue this practice.

Try a vision board, or try to visualize, you may be amazed at how well it works for you in your life as well.




I Don’t Feel Like It!

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How many times a day do you tell yourself, “I don’t feel like it?” or “Not today” or “I’ll start tomorrow?” For me, it can be several times a day, probably a lot more than I want to admit. These are sure signs that I have become a victim to my emotions. My emotions are literally running the show.

When I read, “The 5 Second Rule” by Mel Robbins it was actually a game changer in my life. It was like a part of me had awakened to the reality that my emotions and my brain were talking me out of all of the things that I needed to get done throughout the day. Based on this book’s huge success, I am not the only one.

This simple rule is genius. Whenever you need to give yourself a little push or need to take yourself out of the mental chatter of your mind to stop procrastinating, you simply count down in your mind 5-4-3-2-1 and you either act or change your thought to something, well, more positive and beneficial. Why does this simple rule work so well? It works because you are activating the pre-frontal cortex which takes your brain out of thinking mode and into more of an active mode where you are likely to take action.

Ever since employing this method in my life, I have stopped procrastinating so much and have become much more productive. A funny thing has happened as well. I have opened my eyes to realize that my teenagers are led so much by their emotions as well. What’s better? They have learned this simple trick in their elementary school. Whenever they misbehaved as a whole or were getting too loud in the cafeteria. The teachers and administrators would simply say, “5-4-3-2-1 Swim” and they would be quiet, just like that. I have witnessed it myself. You could hear a pin drop in the room. The reason why they swim has to do with their mascot, by the way.

Having this tool that I could teach my own children to sort of get them out of their head and their emotions is invaluable. Whether or not they will listen to me is another story for another blog.




Sugar On The Brain

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This time of year means Valentine’s Day, 2 Birthdays and then Easter. Translation, “Sugar, 2 Sugars and Sugar again.” Translation, “moodiness, weight gain, and irritability.” Why do I do this to myself every springtime? I take these occasions as a ticket to splurge because I don’t want to feel deprived. I tell myself that if I don’t allow myself a piece of cake, or a piece of candy I am going to eat more of what I am depriving myself of later, so I should have it now. Not such a great idea.

As a registered nurse, I should be well aware of the effects of too much sugar on the body, which I am. But many times we disregard the effects of too much sugar on the brain. The brain loves sugar, it’s the quickest way for it to get its energy. However, it can have very real consequences and long term effects.

What I found during my research is that sugar can impair your memory and your cognitive ability. It can alter your mood and also cause depression and sadness when you are experiencing the inevitable sugar low that comes after consuming such high amounts of sugar.

So why do we do this to ourselves? I believe it’s the reward response. We see sugar and treats as a reward and the more we consume sugar, the more we tell our brains that it is a reward. Therefore, if we are having a bad day, a lot of people will then attack that last piece of birthday cake in the fridge to give your brain that reward it has been looking for.

In reality, however, we are more than just our brains. We are smarter than a dog and should distinguish between choosing something for a reward or contemplating what that something will do to our body in the long run if we choose that reward.

Happiness always comes from within and chasing after a reward such as sugar is futile and will only hurt us in the end.




The Mall

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Once I had the wife of a very prominent fashion designer as a patient in Palm Beach. In fact, they have a store in almost every mall across the country. This is why I was absolutely shocked when she told me that she doesn’t like to go to the mall! I thought, what? Really? Everything you have is because you built this empire from people who frequent the mall and you don’t even go to one?

I was at the mall today with my daughters and stopped by Charlotte Russe who had the last two days of sales and only two rounders of clothes left that were 80 to 90 percent off. Which led me to a question that I had been pondering for quite some time, what is happening to our malls? I know that online retailers are driving business away from the malls, but a good portion of my money is given to the kids who absolutely love to go to the mall.

Can the malls survive the online movement of retail? I think they can. As a matter of fact, the majority of the people that were at the mall today were yep, “teenagers.” This is a place where they go to socialize, to check each other out, to buy that item that is trending and looks great on them, while also exploring the possibility that they may see a friend that they know.

Anyway, the point that I’m trying to make is that, even though many retailers are choosing to market online, as long as you have teenagers that are willing to persuade their parents to drop them off at the mall, there will always be a viable marketplace.




Loss of Control

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Have you ever had recurring events in your life that trigger a loss of control? Maybe it’s a night out and you break your diet and your resolve to no longer drink again? Maybe it’s an argument that you had with a loved one and you had absolutely no control over the outcome?

For me today it was waiting on phone calls with answers from different companies. These phone calls never came. One of them had promised to get back with me by end of day today and IT NEVER HAPPENED. It was totally beyond my control. I really really wanted to go into the weekend with a resolution that I had been waiting for so that I can enjoy it and not think about it. But that never happened. After the deadline hit, I felt defeated in a way. I took the feeling of loss of control from the phone calls and attributed it to other areas in my life. I felt a loss of control from my diet and I overate like crazy. I felt a loss of control with my writing and almost didn’t write. I felt a loss of control with my daughters and didn’t push them like I needed to keep their rooms clean. Like I said, I felt defeated and out of control.

That’s when I realized one major important thing about life that I fail to remember most times when I am feeling this way. What I remembered this time was that peace and happiness come from within and putting too much weight on an outward circumstance will disrupt my peace and happiness.

I have this canvas saying in the hallway of my daughters’ rooms and it says, “Only You Can Make You Happy.” This is true for me today on so many levels.

You see, we spend so much of our lives chasing and trying to get to a certain destination that we forget those things and circumstances can’t bring us peace and happiness. These states of being have to come from an inner knowing that this is what our true nature is. When we recognize that and align with that inner knowing, we will begin to realize how futile chasing phone calls, people and material things really are.

There is no chasing, we already are everything we are seeking.




Importance of Morning Routines

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The word “morning routine” can hit a nerve for a lot of people. I know if I had seen the title of this article a year ago, I would cringe just a little bit. Why? Well to put it quite simply, I didn’t have one. My morning routine consisted primarily of how late can I sleep until and how many times can I hit the snooze button for. However, after reading Mel Robbins, “5 Second Rule” book and listening to her and Tony Robbins’ youtube videos, I realize the importance of a morning routine.

For instance, were you aware that when you hit the snooze button and fall back asleep, you are literally putting your brain back to sleep and it takes almost 4 hours to work up to the awake state that you were given when your alarm clock first went off? What does this mean? Don’t press the snooze button, it is the reason why you feel groggy in the morning and feel like you need 2 or 3 lattes to function before you can start your day. You are literally ushering your brain to go back to sleep.

Another very important activity that you can do when you first wake up is to be creative. If you have a book you are writing or a blog or a vlog, make these part of your morning routine. Also, and this may be a bit obvious, but get your workout in, in the morning. The workout will raise your metabolism for some time and make you feel more alert and ready to tackle your day.

Long story short, having a morning routine is invaluable to you if you want to lead a more productive life.